Summer Reading Program

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Summer is finally here! This is a perfect chance to read for pleasure. Leaving on a trip? Be sure to pack a book, audio book, or maybe a handful of great magazines!  Whatever you do, please make reading a part of your child’s regular summer routine. Research shows that reading during the summer helps a reader keep those skills sharp.

Take time to visit a local bookstore or even better, one of our incredible Virginia Beach public
libraries! Help your child pick out some interesting books to enjoy this summer. 
Remember that even though your child may not be able to read the book independently, the book can be read by you or the two of you can buddy-read. Choosing an audio book is a powerful way to enjoy literature together, build vocabulary, and improve fluency. Just remember to encourage reading… all summer long! In order for your child to maintain or possibly improve the growth they have made this year, it is important to keep them reading anything that sparks their interests!! Please do not allow the dreaded “summer slide” of reading ability to occur. Your efforts will show results!

We hope all JBD students will participate in the Virginia Beach Public Library’s summer reading program. Listed below is the link to that program and to even more summer reading options. There is no cost for participation. Please encourage your child to take part in any or all of the reading opportunities listed below:

With so many options, we look forward to all of our readers maintaining their reading strength. Encourage reading and writing opportunities this summer. With your support, your child will be ready in September to start at the reading and writing level where he/she is at this moment or maybe even higher!

Have a fabulous summer!

Lynne Logan and Lisa Schliske JBD Reading Specialists and
Susan Hardesty JBD Librarian